The Futility and Brutality of Mormon Excommunication

Long ago, when our distant ancestors were what we now refer to as ‘hunter-gatherers’, there were those who hunted, and those who gathered, and also those who watched out in order to warn the rest when danger threatened. The watchers performed an invaluable function in protecting the whole tribe.

Today we no longer call them watchers; they are sometimes called whistle-blowers, writers, heretics, apostates, questioners, truth-seekers, and they tend to spoil the game for those who mistakenly believe they are in control.

Hear what Steve Bloor has to say about the function he performs….

Steve Bloor's Blog


Only last week did I discover, through my parents, that I was secretly excommunicated in October for challenging the accepted dogma of Mormonism. The reason for being cast out of the Church is what they call Apostacy. Or “open, public opposition to the Church.” Basicly because I dared to challenge their authority and speak the truth.

Here’s a link to The Independent newspaper article about my Secret Excommunication.

I’m often asked, “why would anyone want to stay in an organisation they neither believe in, nor where they are welcome?”

Let me be clear, once I realised the Mormon Church was founded on the lies told by the convicted con-man, charlatan, adulterous paedophile Joseph Smith, I resigned as bishop and wanted to immediately resign my membership of this fraudulent Corporation masquerading as a religion.

I pleaded to stay as a ‘member of record’ initially for the sake of my extended family…

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