Former Mormon Bishop of Helston may have been secretly excommunicated for speaking publicly about issues in the Church

This is a key moment perhaps in modern British Mormon history. It appears that my good friend Steve Bloor, a former bishop of Helston Ward, may have been secretly excommunicated by the sleight of hand of so-called spiritual leaders.

If so, then presumably this will have been done in order to avoid adverse publicity. How wise is it really to throw paraffin on a smouldering fire in an attempt to extinguish it?

Steve Bloor's Blog


I’m in shock at discovering that I’ve either been secretly excommunicated in my absence, or my name has been removed from Church records without my approval in an effort to extinguish my cultural identity because they consider me an apostate.

The Mormons (or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) considers any dissenters in its ranks to be apostates and worthy of the worst punishment, eternal damnation. A fate reserved for murderers, rapists and child molesters.

Mormon leadership does not value free speech, even here in the mainly secular UK.

Once I resigned as bishop due to discovering that I’d been taught lies about the origins & history of the Church (set up in 1830’s Eastern United States of America by convicted fraudster Joseph Smith), I was set on a course which inevitably would lead to a conflict with the Church’s higher authorities, who do not value the members questioning…

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